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    stretch into serenity. naturally.

    Ayurvedic Organic Yoga Mats

    [ar·ti·san: a worker in a skilled trade, especially one that involves making things by hand.]

    Artizanation: a platform for global eco-conscious artisans to showcase their creations that have been skillfully handcrafted using unique sustainable methods.

    Artizanation's mission and vision is simple - to support global artisans and promote sustainability.

    It is time to get back to nature and to our roots, to get the planet back to it's healthy state before it is too late. Let us do our bit and live responsibly in whatever way we can - buy consciously, recycle, upcycle, reuse and reduce to make this world a better place.

    Please help enable the artisan communities all over the globe who work hard everyday, to sustain their livelihoods and preserve their cultural heritage.